Shotty Horroh Steps His Game Up

by dominique on October 4, 2011


Shotty Horroh Steps His Game Up………….

We all know how much Shotty has developed as an artist over the past couple of years but now, he is taking things to the next level.He is attacking the market from all angles.From video shoots with private jets and stretch hummers to supporting GHOSTFACE KILLAH and WU TANG CLAN (MANCHESTER – TUES 8TH NOV) he just doesn’t stop!

Don’t get it twisted though,he’s still keepin’ it street with his hood videos so go check his recent material out!

Shotty Horroh Steps His Game Up………….

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  1. Also catch Shotty Horroh’s Don’t Flop debut battle:

    Saturday 5th November @ SakiBar, Manchester.

    For full info contact:

  2. David Filly says:

    D’Lyfa Reilly is there too!! will be a GREAT night!

  3. AK says:

    Shotty Horroh is by far my favourite rapper i’ve ever met in my life, the guy is constantly getting better, but if you chill with him for a bit you get to see how talented he is. I’ll be making a beat and he’ll come and freestyle in celeb voices, mocking rappers but actually free styling, the guy is an actual genius……. Shotty is goin’ to take over everything !!!

    Bruteforce / Highrise !!!

    Ak !!

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